Location: The Rose Hill

Date: Wednesday 19th December

Time: 7:30 – 11:00pm


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A new live film scoring night in Brighton is launching at The Rose Hill on the 19th December. Luma is a new evening of film and live music, where four artists take us into new visual and sonic realms; reimaging and re-contextualising short films and visuals with their own live soundtracks.


With an electric line up of artists soundtracking bespoke short films and visuals, handpicked by the musicians themselves, this night is set to be a refreshing splash of colour to the usual stain of the Brighton gig circuit. 

Let's meet the artists... 



INK! are the duo of Laurie Nankivell and Arthur Leadbetter on cornet and cello respectively. Inspired by the obscurity of Gavin Bryars and Brian Eno, INK! take this spirit of discovery into 2018, melding orchestral loop music with off-kilter drum worlds through to the space of silence. 

Ionna Maria

Pure data-driven noise/petite drone with symbolic narrative, an experimental live act into the surreal dreamlands. Ioann Maria is a new media artist and filmmaker, creative coder and computer scientist. Her work is largely focused on audio-visual art, interactive physical systems, and hacktivism. 


Samuele Matteucci, aka SMMP, is an experimental artist and musician, incessantly hunting for that glitch that gives old toys a second life. Using his own circuit bent instruments, SMMP’s music offers an insight into the use of rehoused and repurposed capitalistic waste as musical instruments.​

Lewis Shields

Embedding field recordings into dream-like soundscapes, Lewis’ music toys with the juxtaposition of digital and acoustic sound-worlds, marrying the real with the surreal.​


German-born, Brighton-based Caldera, 1/3 of Riviera Club, part of Gardenn crew and 1BTN & Patterns resident will be supplying the jams and smooth tunes between the audio/visual pleasantries.​