Ahead of their fourth showcase with Public Possesions mainstay; Bell Towers – we caught up with Brightonian dance-party crew Dulect Tones, to talk about their formation, moving from Mono (RIP) to The Hub, and booking and bringing acts to Brighton for the first time. They also blessed us with our debut mix - spinning some of their influences and resident tracks.

Can you tell what Dulcet Tones is, and how it was formed?


Dulcet Tones was formed over a green Thai curry just under a year ago. It was not merely an attempt to put on sleazy parties, but also an attempt to finally make some friends outside of the four of us. Laurie had the idea of booking Bjorn Torske and wanted to put it into action, and luckily it went pretty smoothly from there. We’ve all been involved in various different music things around Brighton for quite a while now, and thought it was high time we put on events of our own while attempting to not make idiots of ourselves in the process.

Who are residents/ roosters on Dulcet Tones, and anyone else behind the scenes?


There’s four of us in the main crew, Laurie Nankivell (Brother Laurie), Harry Reddick (K-cidder), Joe Rothwell (Brother Joe) and Sam Baker (John Voyage). We are always open to working with new people, and the people we’ve met along the way have absolutely been essential in making the things we’ve done what they are. As much as they are obviously not a part of the team exactly, special mention must go to Emma (Solid Blake) and Simone (Smokey) from Apeiron, as well as Bjørn Torske for being amazing, inspiring people who we would love to see again.


You've developed quite an aesthetics with your posters and artwork, who's the creative behind them?


We’ve had a few different artists and friends produce the posters and art for our events. First and foremost is the marvellous John Molesworth who’s produced our latest and our first poster. I felt (Laurie) that there were parallels between his art and the fun interchangeable sets of Bjorn Torske. Equally as impressive are Alec Mcwilliam’s poster for the Apeiron Crew and Joel Severne’s piece for our third party with Jon Bovi.  



You've invited Australian Italo-Disco(er), and Public Possession mainstay Bell Towers down to Brighton, what's the story behind this booking?


Yes.  We’ve been big fans of Bell Towers for a few years, both in terms of his output on Public Possession and his djing. He does a fantastic regular show on NTS, lovingly entitled Dance Music Show which is constantly characterised by oddball selections and melt-in-the-mouth grooves, not to mention his lovely voice sprinkled in here and there. That said, it was seeing him live in Munich a few years back, again at a Public Possession showcase, where we really got the Bell Towers experience. The vibe was completely killer from start to finish, with an equal emphasis on hands-in-the-air moments and fruity curveballs we’d never heard. There’s a beautiful colour to the way he presents music (which again we tried to capture in having John Molesworth do the artwork). Since then we have been talking about booking him for ages, and think that seeing him in such an intimate space is going to be killer.

You've relocated to The Hub for this event, due to Mono's closure, what made you pick this seaside venue?


It was pretty much in the fact we wanted something as close to Mono as possible really. Generally, we all find the most special moments to have on the dancefloor are when you have a really nice, tight-knit crowd linked by a DJ who knows how to make the people dancing feel as if each track is for them, but also makes things go into weird and interesting places as well. A small venue really helps you build that vibe, so we think The Hub, at 115 capacity will be perfect.


Do you think Brighton lacks intimate multi-purpose spaces like Mono (RIP), did you struggle to find another space initially?


I definitely think that Brighton lacks a quality intimate venue, especially one with a late night licence. Mono was brilliant, and it’s a real shame that it's shut down, especially considering it’s been our home since our first event last May, as we said, we basically wanted something as close to that as possible, as it fits the type of person we are booking, and the types of event we are doing at the moment. That said, we are always open to using other venues if the opportunity arose.

On your event description is says 'Live Horn Loops & Original Lighting Show Inc.' can you give us a bit of info on what to expect?


Ummm… no comment. Haha, we had planned on doing a stripped back version of our Ink (live) set, with just the cornet playing loop pedals alongside minimal records. But, unfortunately, it hasn’t come through. Hopefully, some of the original lighting show will be on its way from Bristol. You’ll have to come to find out I suppose. 


You had your debut at Patterns not long ago, with Fourth World, how did it go? What have you got planned/want to achieve in 2018?


It was a killer night with good friends. Harry (who plays under the name K-cidder) is a resident with the guys at Fourth World, a talented bunch who have a lot of good things planned for the future, not least the monthly Patterns residency. As for us, we will keep chugging out events with artists we love and respect and hopefully meet more amazing people along the way.