A beautiful washout, faultless Opening Concert, and artful marriage of day and night programming: we present to you Dimensions 2017. 

Dimensions x Endorphins x Henry Wu / Kamaal Williams

With a demographic of predominately white British punters – this year's Dimensions festival felt more European than previous. Intrigued by what makes the British fly all the way to Croatia for a festival, I set out into the night asking and photographing whoever would stop and talk to me.  

'I mean my favourite things about Dimensions are the crowd and the setting, worth going even with the whole getting caught by undercover feds thing, don't know many fests I'd be able to say that about.'

'UK cattle festivals didn't really appeal to me. This is my first festival, and so far Dimensions is everything I thought a festival should be. A bunch of like-minded people enjoying brilliant, crystal clear music in a beautiful and picturesque atmosphere. What more could I have asked for?'

'The crowd comparatively to other festivals – ignoring a handful. The mix of different nationalities creates a really nice atmosphere. It's a very inviting festival, attracting a lot of likeminded people that just want to listen to and enjoy good music in the Croatian sun. To put in bluntly, it's a super chill festival with no 'lads'.' 

'To be fair, it's probably the one I would want to go back to over any of other festivals I've been to. The atmosphere, music and people are just so chilled, and it was just a great friendly environment besides from the police and guard dogs. But the thing I loved about it most was the fact it was in a 19th-century fort. The logistics of setting up the stages and rigging all while inside a historic site was just incredible.'