Editorial, Music, Radio & Parties est. 2018


Endorphins is a music editorial platform with a twist. We only ever put out original content, always featuring interviews with the artist involved. A music magazine for the visual generation, pushing innovative, interactive and multimedia artists and event coverage.  


As an imprint, we focus on building a narrative through a single release, which is always in a physical format – from vinyl, tape to USB. We create something permanent parallel to the digital work by collaborating with interdisciplinary designers and artists, creating something timeless and collectable.


We play a fortnightly show on Platform B Radio, at the Green Door Store, spinning global developments in left-field music, crate digging classics, and promoting Brightonian talent and labels. 


Endorphins is also a monthly dance taking place across an array of different venues around Brighton & Hove, sourcing talent from our hometown to perform live music into the nighttime hours. Once a month we put on an evening of music and visuals alongside Visual Vocal and Cult Milk at The Dorset called 'Foyer'.